Wednesday, November 5, 2008


After 6months of finally deciding im happy being single i have become a part of a relationship again. well...8months of being single and 6months of being happy about it!
I dont know if i set myself up to be hurt or the guys i meet are just utter losers that find pleasure in making girls lonely and unhappy about themselves that when i FINALLY get over them im put of meeting new guys for ages or i just need a break from mentalness.
Im not say my new boyfriend is like that, hes wonderful! but there is the problem of him living in the UK and only seeing him twice untill june! Its a literally long distance relationship. My last boyfriend had a spat becuase i lived 1.5hrs away yet along 23hrs! Finger crossed it works outXXXX (no i didnt meet him on the net, ive known him for yearssss..he works with fast bikes :) broooom broooom)

OOO its my sisters 1st bday next weekend cant wait, i get to dress up as a fairy :) then at 4 rush to melbourne with my bestfriend to go to our friends 21st! HA! black and white party.
It would have been awesome if neither had a theme then i wouldnt have find 2 NEW dresses and spent my pay in a day so im broke for 2 weeks!

I also just got a pretty scooter :) its environmentally friendly, its electric lol i can go 100km before i have to charge it.. its my barbie scooter lol not literally barbie but its PINK woooo

umm yeh thats about it for today